Saturday, August 2, 2014

4 Months and Counting

Today Charlie is four months old and I just can't believe it!

Charlie is starting to get so big (12 and a half pounds and growing) and alert that it's just amazing. I definitely had a hard time imagining him so heathly at this point whe we were in the throes of NICU and preemie days. But here we are! I am so thankful for all the mothers who reached out to me during that time to tell me what strong and healthy kids their preemies had grown up to be. They were right.

We will continue having preemie questions for awhile as we wait for him to hit various developmental milestones and wonder if he'll get there based on his real age or adjusted age (based upon his due date). Our doctor said we need to consider his adjusted age until he turns two. For example, right now we try not to think of the typical expectations for a four month old but rather for a nine week old. The biggest area for Ben and I have to patience right now is sleeping though the night. :) Most nine week olds don't have it down quite yet but our sleep deprived selves are going on four months not nine weeks. Oh, we are tired but baby boy will get there; he's having more and more good nights. It's amazing how happy I now am with four uninterrupted hours.


beyond happy that I have been able to be home with Charlie this whole time. We are enjoying lots of walks in the neighborhood (love my recent Bob purchase!), swim lessons to get comfortable with the water, bootcamps, visits from friends and family, babysitting by Gram and Grandpa, library music time, running errands and lunch dates when it works for our schedule. Time at home is pretty good too - reading stories, nursing, tummy time, nursing, discovering toys, naps together and of course more nursing - the boy likes to eat! We took our first flight earlier this month, traveling to Lubbock to see family and friends. Charlie was a great traveler and it was sooooo fun to have him at my parent's house for the weekend. I think Papa and Nana loved every minute too. My best friend, Juli, had a sweet sip n' see for us while we there which was just perfect.

My days until I return to work are closing in as we hit August. I'm nervous about the transition and handling it but know we will be okay. I'm going to be able to begin by working part-time for about two months as I use the rest of my maternity leave days. This may increase the work stress but will hopefully help Charlie (and me) with the transition. Ben and I also both really like the small home daycare we are sending Charlie to which helps tremendously. The teachers all seem extremely loving and we have met several other families whose little ones go there and they all love it. All of this helps but I will probably be a big mess the last two weeks of August.

Have a great weekend - here are a few more Charlie shots. :)




















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  1. He REALLY is growing. That smile at mommy looks familiar! So glad you are enjoying him being home. Know that the lack of sleep is a challenge. I can't imagine! You and Ben are such awesome parents!